“Cullen’s watercolors lift my spirit and bring me joy. Not only do I buy and send her cards, but I have asked her to tweak an already existing print to suit an event or holiday for me. She is always accomodating and gracious, and the results are beautiful. Such a talented artist!” – Jane E., Florida

I received one of these beautiful cards for my birthday from your grandmother ….I loved it so much I had to order some for myself!!!” – Kelly E., Texas

“I love my calendar and cards! The artwork is so beautiful and very impressive. Everyone would be lucky to own Cullen’s gorgeous art.” – Kelley D., Laurel, Maryland

“I love how you handled the wings [in “Bluebird Flight”]. They seem so light, almost in motion, maybe like the bird is just alighting. I am now seeing more of a sense of style in this, the cardinal, and the gold finches: an intense focus on the object itself, but with a very light, almost fragile touch, as if the image was captured in a moment of the imagination that is fleeting, that you have to cherish because it might not last long.” – Michael C., Chapel Hill, NC

“I am a long time customer of Cullen Cornett, and I cannot speak highly enough of her art work.  Her use of color is rich and vibrant and her paintings are a lovely variety of subjects.  Her card packs are professionally packed and are affordable as well!” – Megan L., Hurdle Mills, NC

“Cullen has lovely art for every occasion! I especially love her watercolors of birds, and the soothing colors in all her art.” – Barbara C., Chapel Hill, NC 

“I bought a number of Cullen’s cards and calendars for myself and for gifts. Those who received them as gifts LOVED them. And they were especially excited that the art was from a local painter and had a local flair. I loved the manger scene so much that I framed the card to display in our home at Christmas. Her paintings are soft and warm (just like the artist herself!) and just make you feel good.  I love sending notes to people using her cards. I know seeing the art will brighten their day!” – Lisa L., Chapel Hill, NC

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